Aran Sweaters as First Communion Gift

Communion and clergyman.

What is A First Holy Communion?

Friends and family gather together in a religious celebration, known as A Holy Communion.

It is about connecting a young boy or girl coming of age (usually seven or eight years old) with Jesus Christ.

A child’s First Holy Communion should be one of the most memorable and joyful days of theirs and your lives. This is where they witness Jesus approaching them in a unique way in the Eucharist.

Holy Communion gives the communicant supernatural strength to resist temptation and weakening the power of concupiscence. It reinforces the ability of free will to withstand the assaults of the devil.

Holy Communion increases the life of grace already present by vitalizing our supernatural life and strengthening the virtues and gifts of the Holy Spirit we possess.

Many people feel spiritual joy in the service of Christ during a Holy Communion.

Communion dress, gloves and cross necklace
“1st communion Gown, Gloves, and Cross. Focus is on Cross, soft focus applied to add to the tenderness of the photo.”

The Aran Sweater Connection

In the late 1920s and early 1930s, young island boys were first seen wearing Aran sweaters.

The Aran sweaters were made by their mother’s or grandmother’s, to create a unique special sweaters for the boys to wear for their first Holy Communion.

They made these sweaters to showcase their family’s pride to the community.

In addition to Holy Communions, the fishermen’s beloved one’s knitted them a sweater. The Fishermen wore the Aran sweater for other sacred occasions, such as weddings. The Aran sweater was once known as a “bridal shirt”.

Her knitting and his acceptance of the sweater signified their love for each other. The Fisherman will wear this sweater on their wedding day.

It was once tradition to give an Aran sweater as a First Communion gift. Old traditions are always meaningful and unique.

As we approach the month of Communions, keep in mind the old legacy about the Aran sweater when purchasing a gift for a special boy or girl.



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