Sweaters Featured in Fill Your Heart with Ireland Campaign

Tourism Ireland launched its new campaign aimed at the European market which is hoped to boost off-season visits to the Emerald Isle.

The ‘Fill Your Heart With Ireland’ adverts features a real-life Swedish couple, who were invited to take a trip around Ireland wearing head-mounted cameras and heart-rate monitors.

The aim of the campaign is to tap into the increasing market for those holidaymakers seeking off-peak outdoor activities rather than the typical mid-summer June/July period.

The aran sweater features as the couple experience some of the raw untamed beauty of the Irish landscape while sampling food and drink as well as ‘soft adventure’ activities.

The advert has appeared on US television over the Christmas period in the hope of influencing those planning their vacations in 2019.The campaign will also run in Canada, Australia, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Scandinavia.


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