What is an Aran sweater

A Rich Symbol of Irish Heritage

The renowned Aran Sweater has become a rare treasure around the world and a rich symbol of Irish heritage. Uniquely Irish, its popularity has spanned through hundreds of years due to its high quality craftsmanship, rich history and durability.

Where Does The Aran Sweater Hail From?

Originating off the coast of The Wild Atlantic Way, the Aran Sweater appropriately takes its name from The Aran Islands. Each style and stitch varied from family to family across the islands. These were kept closely guarded secrets throughout the generations. Irish wool jumpers are now popular across the world.

Traditionally Worn By Fisherman and Farmers

Its many features made it the perfect clothing for the harsh outdoor environment on the islands. The material is water repellent and the natural wool fibre is breathable allowing the working men to maintain a comfortable body temperature. Its natural insulating capacity also kept the wearer warm during colder spells out at sea. Learn more about fisherman sweaters.

Every Stitch has its Own Symbol

A finished jumper contains over 100,000 intricate stitches – now that is pretty impressive! Many stitches are inspired by Celtic art and were passed down from generation to generation through each clan.

For example, a diamond stitch represents the hope of future wealth and the honeycomb pattern represents the hard work of the busy bees on the island. Learn more about Irish Knitwear and Irish sweaters.