Give the gift of Aran sweater this Valentine’s Day

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Want to be romantic this Valentine’s day but not ready to buy a ring just yet?

Show them you care this Valentine’s Day with an Aran sweater.

Perhaps it’s a partner, family member or even yourself that you wish to spoil, then the Aran sweater is the perfect gift! It’s a little Irish touch with a bit of history in it. What more could you ask for?

As an old tradition when a fisherman started courting, his sweetheart would craft him a sweater. Each fisherman sweater was uniquely made. This sweater acted as a symbol of love.

When the fisherman accepted the irish jumper, he was accepting their future together. It was the promise ring of their time.

You might feel a bit cheesy explaining the meaning of the Aran sweater to them and why you want them to have it, but Valentine’s Day is all about the cheese after all! It might seem like a small gesture, however, it is very sentimental and romantic. An Aran sweater is the gift of love.

This sweater is not just a sentimental piece, but also a fashion statement piece. Worn by many celebrities; Gigi Hadid, Alexa Chung, Steve McQueen, Grace Kelly and The Clancy Brothers etc. It was featured in Vogue, which made a huge impact to the classic Irish sweater in the USA.

Your partner or loved one needs a fashion statement piece like this sweater for Valentine’s Day. If they are a fashionista, then this is a must have in their wardrobe.

Why not go a step further and be “one of those couples” and wear matching Aran sweaters. This would be a small gesture that your other half would appreciate. It shows them that you care about them.

You also get to have this beautiful fashionable sweater, which will keep you warm during the colder climates and also breathable during warmer climates. The sweater is durable for all four seasons and you look good wearing it too!

If you are spending Valentine’s Day alone this year, don’t worry! The traditional Irish wool jumper will keep you warm at night. You won’t even realize you don’t have a partner to snuggle up with.

Irish knitwear and Irish jumpers are available in many colors and styles to suit their personality best.

Give the gift of  Aran sweater this Valentine’s Day. You won’t regret it.


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