Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with an Irish Sweater

St.Patrick's Day / Green/ sweater/ Irish hat
White irish aran pattern knitted wool sweater pullover with decoration for Saint Patrick's Day on the rustic wooden background. Clover trefoil green leaf, leprechaun hat. Front view, copy space,banner

It’s a proud day to be Irish, pull out your favorite Aran sweater and wear it with pride for the celebrations and festivities that are happening all around the world on Sunday, 17th March 2019.  

Many legends exist about Saint Patrick. The most common is that he drove all the snakes from Ireland. This is unlikely as Ireland probably had no snakes even before Saint Patrick arrived there. It was said the snakes were a metaphor for the early Pagan faiths of Ireland.

Saint Patrick facilitate the spread of  Christianity around the Emerald Isle. This was a process which took hundreds of years to complete, and lasted well beyond Saint Patrick’s lifetime.

The first St. Patrick’s Day Parade actually took place in Boston, Massachusetts, back in 1737. In 1903, it became a Public Holiday in Ireland, known as St Patrick’s Day and today it is celebrated worldwide.

The entire country turns Green, to highlight this joyful day. Rivers, buildings, food and even the natives go green for St. Patrick’s day!

The planning for the parade happens the day after the previous St Patrick’s Parade. We don’t credit enough to every volunteer and organizer that is involved in the planning the of the parades each year.

Saint Patrick's Day, green shamrock background
Green Shamrock cover background. Saint Patrick’s Day

Everyone wants to be Irish and it’s great to see Ireland has this impact across the globe.

Generally, the day is for celebration. It includes a lot of drinking, especially green beer, green milkshakes and everything green! Green has been the traditional color for Saint Patrick since the seventeenth century.

Watching locals marching in their local St. Patrick’s Day Parade, showing off their favorite Aran Fisherman sweater proudly. Is a true Irish moment among the Irish. One piece of fabric has an incredible background and is full of Irish history and sentimental values.

Look stylish in your Aran sweater that’s full of Irish history. Style it anyway you want, with more colors now available to suit the suitable traditional colors for St. Patrick’s Day. The wearing of Aran knitwear on St. Patrick’s Day by people of Irish heritage all over the globe is now synonymous with the event.

Pride is seen throughout the week’s festivities during this holiday. Genuinely, it’s the strong bond of wearing something that’s 100% Irish which attracts people .

The detailed patterns have deep symbolic meanings.

Each stitch has a direct link to some facet of Irish cultural life. Most tourist can’t wait to get their hands on a Aran sweater. They love the connection with the Irish Clan years ago. These are custom, hand knitted Aran sweaters which have been created in honor of particular Irish family names.

Some feel the fisherman sweater is linked to St.Patrick’s Day due to the uniforms of Irish organisations around the world, Irish pipe bands, Irish community groups etc.

The countdown begins to this wonderful Irish holiday. Enjoy your celebrations and have a fantastic St.Patrick’s day while wrapped up on your Irish sweater!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day banner
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day banner. Green and white theme. Shamrock background



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