The Aran Sweater, A New Take On An Old Tradition.

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We know the Aran sweater is an old Irish tradition but Irish Knitwear and Irish sweaters are now popular across the world.

It has made incredible improvements in the fashion world to date. It’s constantly being redesigned, in order to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

As there is many possibilities to design the sweater from the various stitches, it’s constantly looking new, unique and fashionable.

From the exposure that Vogue and The Clancy Brothers brought to the sweater, it’s a big deal in the fashion industry. Everyone wants an Irish wool jumper! You can style it to suit your personality. 

Models love wearing this sweater as it keeps the body warm and dry during all four seasons. It’s an essential fashion statement piece to have in your wardrobe.

It use to be a need in the Celtic times, whereas now it’s becoming a want.

How are women adapting to the Aran sweater?



It was seen on Alexa Chung in 2013. The Dubliner said she was inspired to add a modern twist to the vintage garment, on a scenic walk back on home soil.

She was inspired to make her own Aran sweater with new yarn. Alexa wanted it to be light, airy and soft. She wanted to have the colors of the Irish seascape from the beach in Co. Donegal, where she got her inspiration from.

In 2014, Michael Kors quickly picked up on the latest fashion trend and did a whole feature on the Aran sweater.

If you’re a working girl who wants to be stylish, you can style it as a classy look. Style it with your favorite work pants or skirt, with a white/black shirt underneath and black faux leather boots and you’re good to go.

If you wanted an even more simplicity under- styled look, throw it on over a pair of jeans with boots or runners. This is dressing up a very casual look.

Isabel Marant gave it equally high praise and considers it be an iconic piece in anyone’s wardrobe – no matter where in the world you live in . “There are iconic garments such as blue jeans, the white T-shirt and military jacket that are so well achieved you will never tire of them, and the Aran knit belongs to that category.”

In 2015, Gigi Hadid was photographed wearing her black Aran sweater on the streets of Manhattan, in New York City.

The fashionista herself, styled the sweater with a black satin midi skirt with an extreme slit, black knee high boots and big blackout sunglasses.

This is a very “it girl” way of adapting a simple traditional sweater to the modern world society.

Gigi saw the Irish sweater styled similar to this from Vogue with a PVC skirt. Once a fashion piece is featured in Vogue and seen walking the red carpet, celebrities know that it is safe to wear.

This outfit is definitely a fashion statement for all fashionistas out there!

For the Summer, you can dress it up with a pair of denim shorts, a sun hat and with a long sleeve top underneath.

How are men adapting to the Aran sweater?

During the Celtic times, most men would only wear the sweater for fishing, farming and when they got married. Now men wear it on daily basis, or for nice occasions.

Wearing an Aran sweater with a pair of jeans on a crisp fall day is a fantastic look. Styling it with a scarf, a hat and boots or runners. Some would even wear a trench coat, a black leather jacket or a denim jacket over the Aran sweater for an extra fashion piece.

Do you want an even more classy and casual look?

Go that step further by wearing a white Aran sweater with a pair of khaki pants and a dress shirt underneath. Admires would think you spent hours getting ready when in reality, it only took 5 minutes.

The Aran sweater is now available in a variety of colors and has been adapted to being more than just a sweater. There are other aran accessories available including cardigans, ponchos, scarfs, hats and sleeveless hoodies.

It’s a significant turn in making the jumper more adapted to the modern society. The consumer now has more of a variety to choose from.

It’s great to see a bit of Irish around the world.



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